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Series OC Output Couplers

Output couplers, or front mirrors, utilize ZnSe, primarily due to its low absorption at 10.6 microns. Their purpose is to reflect a percentage of the laser beam back into the resonator for continuous amplification while transmitting energy through the delivery system to the workpiece. Partially reflective coatings are used on the inside to reflect energy back into the resonator while the outside surface is AR coated to maximize transmission out.
*Prices listed are for small quantity orders, for large quantity discounts please Contact Us.

Only a partial list of internal mirrors is shown here; other mirrors can be manufactured upon request.

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OC-1012-Z-50ZnSe1.000"0.120"50%R-A/R0Call for Availability

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OC-1012-Z-65ZnSe1.000"0.120"65%R-A/R0Call for Availability
OC-1012-Z-70ZnSe1.000"0.120"70%R-A/R0Call for Availability
OC-1012-Z-75ZnSe1.000"0.120"75%R-A/R0Call for Availability
OC-1012-Z-80ZnSe1.000"0.120"80%R-A/R0Call for Availability
OC-1012-Z-85ZnSe1.000"0.120"85%R-A/R0Call for Availability
OC-1012-Z-90ZnSe1.000"0.120"90%R-A/R0Call for Availability
OC-1012-Z-95ZnSe1.000"0.120"95%R-A/R0Call for Availability

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OC-1112-A-85GaAs1.100"0.120"85% R-A/R0Call for Availability

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OCCC-1524-Z-20-30ZnSe1.500"0.236"20MCC-30%R : PLANO-A/R2

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OCCCCX-1024-Z-30-30-65ZnSe1.000"0.236"30MCC-65%R : 30MCX-A/R95

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OCCCCX-1524-Z-10:10-17ZnSe1.500"0.236"10MCC-17%R : 10MCX-A/R2

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OCCCCX-1524-Z-10:10-30ZnSe1.500"0.236"10MCC-30%R : 10MCX-A/R0Call for Availability
OCCCCX-1524-Z-10:15-17ZnSe1.500"0.236"10MCC-17%R : 15MCX-A/R4

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